We are so glad you asked. There are so many ways you can help the project. Take a look through the options below and know that however you choose to serve the project, your help is appreciated more than you know.


     The best way to help The Cabin Cure Project is to donate a financial gift. 100% of all donations go straight to the project to fund the building of the cabins and to provide any other financial resources to keep all operations running. There are two options available to you to give financially. You can choose to give a One-Time Gift of any amount you wish or you can choose a monthly gift of a specific amount that will be automatically deducted from your account to provide continued support to the project. 

Choose a monthly payment plan in the drop-down list above to have automatic payments be deducted from your account monthly.

Give an Automatic Monthly Gift


     Of course, non-financial donations are very much appreciated as well. Gifts that aid in the building and decorating of each cabin are accepted as long as they are in the list below. If you feel a gift you would like to donate could help the project that isn't on the list, send us an email and we will let you know if it can be accepted. 


 Items/Gifts that will be accepted:

  • Lumber & Construction Materials                                                              

  • New & Unused Tools

  • New & Unused Blankets & Pillows

  • Seeds from Baker Creek Seeds

  • New & Unused Blankets/Towels

  • Crafted Items (Wood, Metal, Signs, etc.)

Shipping Gifts

If you have a gift you would like to send, please contact us on the Contact page and we will send you instructions.


     Please make sure to drop by Schroeder's The Cabin Cure Project Online Store as well. Right now the selection is limited but we have plans to expand it in the near future. Purchase a T-Shirt and proceeds will go to the project. It's a win-win! Keep an eye out for new additions to the store currently in production. 


     Another great way you can help The Cabin Cure Project is to share it with anyone you can. Helping the project gain exposure is important in trying to reach as many people as possible. Please press the "Like" & "Share" Buttons below to help us get the word out on Facebook. We also would love to encourage you to send us your stories and/or testimonies in written or video form on how God used nature to help you in a miraculous way with your permission to share with others.


     Here at The Cabin Cure Project, we know the Power of Prayer. Praying for the project is one of the greatest ways you can help.