Hello. My name is Justin Dean Schroeder. I was born in Durango, Colorado and lived with my parents in Pagosa Springs, Colorado the first months after my birth before moving to California. My grandfather, who was working for the Aspen Springs Subdivision at the time, decided to name roads after people he loved as they were being developed for the first time in the mountains. I was honored with having Justin's Rd. in Pagosa Springs, CO named after me. 


        Somewhere before the age of five, It was discovered that I was completely deaf in my right ear. We don't know what caused the complete hearing loss in this ear and could only speculate as to moments where there may have been signs. Several years later, due to several factors, I developed asthma in my young adult life to such a degree that a chronic cough developed. Even with inhalers and medication, the cough persisted causing me to feel the urge to cough several times every minute. The following years my health declined rapidly as depression and anxiety were thrown into the mix. In 2014, after losing two close friends and almost losing my sister to severe pre-eclampsia, my mental, physical, and financial state reached extremely unstable peaks. Due to this, I had to leave my job of 10 years and decided to move back home to California to be with family as I focused on rebuilding my life. My love of nature, the love and support from family and friends, and helping others the last few years have focused me on something more important than my own needs, and I was able to find peace with the pain that held me captive for so long.


     In July 2017, my parents and I took a trip back to my roots in Pagosa Springs as a gift for my birthday. While discovering my dedicated road in the mountains for the first time, and walking land that was for sale on my road, I was overcome with a profound peace and something felt different. My urge to cough was no longer. The asthma that had been a part of me for so long was non-existent while on that trip in the mountains. Being surrounded by so much natural beauty had a powerful impact on me. Not only did the air quality and views heal me in so many ways, but due to the absence of regular city noise, I was blessed to be able to experience the sounds of nature clear and untouched with my one good ear . My mother who was fighting Pneumonia in the weeks before our trip was also able to find health and credits the trip for allowing her to make a full recovery. It wasn't until I visited an old friend of my grandmother some miles away on that same trip, that everything was placed into perspective. When I told her I felt like I belonged in Pagosa Springs, I think she could see the passion in my heart. As I hugged her farewell, she pulled me aside and the words that followed felt like divine intervention. She said, "You know Justin, don't listen to anyone or anything that might discourage you from doing this. This lot is on your road and was built by your grandfather. That means something to you. It means nothing to anyone else the way it does for you. It's your story." Those words forever shook my future. This was my first and last meeting with her, and yet she sparked something special in my heart. She passed away just a couple months later. 


     When I got home, I knew it was a long shot, but after telling my story to the owner of the land, the owner decided to finance to me directly on more than fair terms. All the doors opened to an opportunity that I would have never thought would be possible. As I signed the final closing documents on the land, I felt a calling to do everything in my power to give back to those that might have been at the mercy of similar health and mental ailments in their lives, or could simply just use a place engulfed in the best nature has to offer and air quality that in my case, can cure an ailment.


I believe in the healing power of nature

And so, "The Cabin Cure Project" was born.