The Cabin Cure Project is a team effort focusing on one common goal.....to heal others. The goal of this project is to build comfortable, simplified cabins on Justin's Rd for the sole purpose of healing one's mind, body, and/or spirit, which would occur naturally and organically through the exposure to clean air, raw, rural sounds, and provide knowledgeable and passionate people who can help patrons in multiple fashions.  The project aims to build cabins, a community garden, and will have connections to other businesses and resources in the area.




     Research from Stafford and other prestigious universities have concluded nature has some powerful healing effects on a person's mental and physical health. In these studies, depression, anxiety, anger, and other mental health conditions were dramatically reduced when people were exposed to nature for extended periods of time. Even individuals fighting addiction have been able to gain victory when those addictions were faced with the power of nature's beauty. Project founder Justin gained his victory over depression, anxiety, and asthma-related issues when he submerged himself into nature-related hobbies. The Cabin Cure Project aims to give you all the resources in an off-the-grid sort of way to allow patrons to experience the peace and power of the best nature has to offer. Justin has complete faith that Patrons will experience healing in this refreshing, natural way.




     Developing the land on Justin's Rd is a long haul. Water Cisterns, Septic Tanks, Solar Systems, and foundations all have to be installed before the cabins can be built as most of the land is undeveloped. Roads are already built and maintained even in the winter months. The land is breathtaking, off-the-grid, native to mature pine trees, plants, wildlife, and has views of the Rocky Mountains. Once the first cabin is built, the goal is to then continue to secure lots on Justin's Rd and build cabins for anyone looking for healing from physical or mental ailments.